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Jobs in tool hire combine retail and construction experience

Posted on 28/10/2016 by Dave Irons

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Jobs in tool hire provide the perfect bridge between retail jobs and the construction industry, and could help many more applicants of both genders to move between the sectors.

For anyone with past retail experience, jobs in tool hire are an excellent entry point into the construction sector - and according to research from the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors, an influx of female workers is crucial for the construction industry as a whole.

RICS equalities manager Lucile Kamar said: "Having a diverse workforce is vital for future-proofing the property and construction industry.

"It is everyone's duty to ensure that our profession is fit and relevant for the future and one of the ways is to make the workplace as inclusive as possible."

Her comments follow research by RICS that found construction is perceived as one of the least gender-balanced industries, while retail is viewed as one of the most equal.

But RICS president Amanda Clack added: "Speaking as a woman in construction, I can say with confidence that this is not just a job for boys."

Jobs in tool hire are an ideal entry point for either gender, drawing on past retail sector experience in many customer-facing roles, while providing direct experience of the construction industry too - and paving the way to move into other positions within the sector in the future.