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Excavator hire rates as one of the best value ways to dig

Posted on 23/11/2016 by Lee Hiskett

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When it comes to getting access to heavy plant it makes sense to hire if you are not going to need the kit for long term use. If your work revolves around digging foundations, dredging rivers or even working in restricted areas then excavator hire rates high on your list of must haves.

Not only do excavators come in a variety of sizes ranging from 9 tons to 50 tons and more but they also have a variety of vehicle types, long reach to get over obstacles or to reduce re-siting of vehicle, high reach where work at height is needed or to work in restricted space areas and "rubber duck" type with rubber wheels for street use as opposed to the tracked variant we are all used to seeing.

Bucket attachments and other tools are also available in many variations too as today's construction is getting more and more intense and complex, requiring vehicles to have many functions to make them more viable, especially in a rental market.

Typical bucket types available include, mud bucket, loading bucket, rake bucket, rock sorting bucket, clamshell bucket to name but a few. You will also see more commonly pneumatic drills and boring attachments, claws and grabbing attachments to assist with moving required materials around easily.

Before deciding on which heavy plant you are thinking of hiring, consult your nearest plant and tool hire specialist. Not only will they be able to give you a comprehensive list of excavator hire rates they will be able to steer you in the right direction with regards to the right model to choose and how best to utilise it.