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Best places to find jobs in 2017

Posted on 11/01/2017 by Lee Hiskett

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A leading source has found that London, Scotland – specifically Edinburgh and Liverpool are great locations to find a job this year. Given our “Sunny Forecast” and “Brexit” posts this continues to be great news for the jobseeker. Here are the top ten cities to job search in 2017, based on last years average job numbers in key cities:

Liverpool – up 23%

Edinburgh – up 20%

London – up 19%

Southampton – up 18%

Portsmouth – up 18%

Manchester – up 17%

Hull – up 15%

Cardiff – up 14%

Glasgow – up 13%

Bristol – up 13%

It’s not just these cities either that are reporting increases in job numbers, Leeds and Birmingham have seen increases of 17 and 35% respectively with numbers expected to grow further as the year progresses.

The fears of Brexit may still be with us at the moment but it seems we may also come through this unscathed. The economy was also thought to weaken substantially through the coalitions austerity measures but this was not the case where growth slowed slightly rather than declined as was first thought.

Many economists are now revising their hastily announced guesses for the economy. In truth nobody knows what is going to happen but at the moment we are looking to be ready to weather the storm should it ever reach us.