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Plant and Tool Hire Recruitment 2017

Posted on 12/04/2017 by Lee Hiskett

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We hear a lot of the time about Brexit and the scaremongering but what exactly does it mean for the plant and tool hire recruitment industry in 2017? Recruitment firm Page Group indicated growth fell back 0.1% intimating Brexit fears were causing the uncertainty. So in real terms £36,400 or £12,133 per month down on a quarterly gross profit of £36.4 million. It's hardly sensational news given they also said it's the best they have done in a year i.e. before Brexit when everyone thought we were remaining.

Another publication PRWeek report the PR and communications industry is booming despite "uncertainty". Everywhere we are hearing "boo Brexit!" and "oh no we are doomed thanks to Brexit" but are we? Are we really? In truth the short answer is no. No we are not doomed. There will be some winners some losers but on the whole it seems, it will be business as usual, especially for plant and tool hire recruitment. 

Despite the nay-sayers predicting the sun will come crashing into the earth and we are due to not only get consumed in a fiery Brexit caused freak of nature but that up to (no factual evidence to prove) 275,000 jobs may (no factual evidence to prove) be at risk, completely ignoring the fact that this is over a 5 year period which equates to about 55,000 jobs per year and does not take into account such things as people will be filling some of the available jobs and that Govt and educational schemes to provide construction skills will also help to fill the gap. 

The shortage, if this does happen in full represents just 8% of the construction workforce so worst real case scenario is that we may be sitting on a shortfall of about 2-3% What does this mean for plant and tool hire recruitment? Not much really. There will still be a steady demand for plant and tool hire as it has already been shown that there is going to be a steady pipeline of projects coming through into the construction sector and in turn a steady demand for talented plant and tool hire personnel.