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UK Construction slowed but new projects lift spirits and ease fears for plant hire jobs

Posted on 5/04/2017 by Lee Hiskett

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UK construction firms experienced a weaker month in March with less demand for house building, which has been reported across the country. Civil engineering project have been the main driving force last month which has in part been fuelled by an increase in infrastructure spending and a strong supply of new work in the UK.

Confidence in the UK remains high depite this slight slowdown which is due to the Brexit fears receding which helped in turn to stabilise client demand after the developments last summer were disrupted.

What does this mean for the plant hire hire industry and plant hire jobs? Graham Arundell, Managing Director of the Hire Association Europe (HAE) made the statement; “Following the clear decision to leave the European Union, HAE EHA, together with other business organisations, will want clarity as to the timetable for UK withdrawal"

He went on to say the UK needed to focus on releasing paused projects with the priorities on house building, utilities and infrastructure. HAE said that they would carry on with their parliamentary lobbying to ensure it's members interests were protected in future legislation and policy.

Plant hire jobs in the uk: This will be not much of a change with regards to growth given the slightly weaker market but given the strong supply of upcoming work plant hire jobs will not be drying up any time soon. HSS have reported a £17 million pound loss but this may have been due to 2016 investment and a slowdown of planned infrastructure projects. Now the pipeline has been reopened and stronger with the upcoming work supply there should be a turnaround for them in 2017. The services division has grown 61% and significant reorganisation in the company will see a turnaround on the balance sheet for the latter half of 2017.